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The biggest dilemma in the adult world: When you already know everything and don’t believe in anything new

“The craziest thing we can do is do the same thing every day and expect different results.” – Albert Einstein

On my journey with hundreds of people in the field of development – whether personal or entrepreneurial – I have decoded two belief patterns that particularly block development:

  1. I already know everything
  2. I don’t believe in that

These can be communicated directly or indirectly. Viewing something that exceeds our belief as non-existent is probably the most limiting quality, because it means we don’t allow ourselves to step out of the cage of our limited perception and look beyond our own horizons. Instead, when we encounter resistance to something, we could ask ourselves the question: “What if   this really existed?” and then explore with curiosity like a child.

This question, which I ask myself again and again, leads me to the most incredible realizations and experiences of my life, many of which I have not yet shared in public because they are so much beyond mass consciousness that I still find the right moments and moments today Impulses are waiting to share. It’s one thing to hear about something. The other, to experience something for yourself and experience it first hand, is something that every individual can allow themselves.

So if you believe that you already know everything and that there are certain things that you can’t rationally explain to yourself, then you stick to what you already know and maybe wonder why your life is so uninspiring, is colorful and varied. A big dilemma in our society. Our belief in something and our openness are always the first step towards bringing this into experience. 

So in 2019 I discovered Human Design, a personality analysis tool that now has great importance in all areas of my life. Be it in my own development, my health, in my partnership and relationships or in my work. Human design is a tool that will become essential to use in the next few years, especially for those involved in recruiting employees. Many large corporations are already using this superpower today because they have understood that it is no longer just about acquired skills, but also about a candidate’s own personality profile as well as their own physical and energetic requirements. 

But how do you know who you are looking at when you read the following:
Arne Plauer
born on September 12, 1980 in Berlin,
trained electrical engineer
, 15 years of professional experience as a service technician at XY GmbH

So what do you know about the person other than what they did? How much does it really say about her? What are this person’s individual strengths and limitations? Many companies are at a turning point. Thanks to a lack of employee motivation and high rates of illness, they can no longer maintain themselves as they once did. That’s a good thing, because the world is crying out for change. The change that we strive from identifying with what we have done to embodying our individual potential. Most people don’t even know their potential anymore because they have been so twisted by conditioning that they have become far removed from themselves. Human Design is the most accurate tool I know for rediscovering and developing this true nature in yourself and others.

You can have your own chart entered into any human design chart calculator online for free. If you want to immerse yourself more in a world of infinite potential, contact me for a free initial consultation at

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