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Condemnation poisons the one who condemns

An excerpt from my book “Lip Confessions – THE Soul Coming-Out for Hinschauer” (publication date 2023)

Today I saw a video from Qatar, where the next World Cup is supposed to take place, in a friend’s Instagram status. There the World Cup representative from Qatar could be seen reacting in a misogynistic manner and calling homosexuality a sin. She got upset and said she condemned anyone who supported the World Cup. But the voice of a different perspective became loud within me, which I don’t want to withhold from you and your readers. It’s just a small change of perspective to a different level of consciousness, which will certainly cause many different emotions within you. As always, it is not the whole truth, but it corresponds to the truth I feel and my girlfriend was also very grateful for this different perspective. She freed them a little.

To understand the story, we must first examine the energy dynamics. Energy follows attention, this has now been scientifically proven (e.g. by the double slit experiment). What we focus on becomes bigger. So far so good. Now we see or hear something that seems unfair to us. What happens if we condemn this and send our anger and our resentment, or maybe even hatred, there? Correct: the energy is increasing. This means that we are unconsciously reinforcing the problem that we so condemn. It doesn’t help any of us if, for example, we fight against something at a demo, internally or on social media. Instead, we can stand FOR something that creates the energy we would like to have. Ie if we want more love in the world, 

Now it might shock you that I say that my girlfriend should send her love to the World Cup representative. That’s not necessarily what I mean – although it’s a very good idea. But if the love isn’t true, then it doesn’t work. You can’t fake love and if there’s hate underneath love, then love knows it. It’s smart and you can’t lie to it. The strongest energy always wins. Instead, I wrote that she can feel the part of her that resonates with the “wrong.” News like this triggers our deepest wounds and that’s why it causes so much turmoil. From a holistic, universal perspective, this is currently very desired, which is why so much darkness appears everywhere on earth. If each of us felt this, what is REALLY triggered in us by such news, then the world would be Garden of Eden again in no time. But most people still lack awareness of this. They are too caught up in the illusion and throw themselves into condemnation at every new sensation. They are so hurt that they have thrown away all faith and hope. That just doesn’t solve the original problem.

Since the beginning of our history, events have repeated themselves in a different form. There are always wars, hunger, catastrophes, etc. It’s just like in our individual lives. As long as the core problem within us is not solved, we will always encounter the issue outside with changing actors in different clothes. Then it is not one man or woman after the other who might cheat on us or leave us, but rather, on a collective level, it is the corrupt politician or the climate catastrophe. And the marmot greets you every day. We can only break the cycle if we are willing to truly look and feel. This is the key to your own liberation and ultimately also to the liberation of the collective, because the collective is all individual people together. So I advised my friend, 

I also told her that from a higher perspective it could be a wonderful gift to Qatar and to the world if the World Cup were held there, as a lot of positive energy would be sent there through the sporting event. Perhaps no other sport is as celebrated as football. So much enthusiasm and passion goes into it that from an energetic perspective a lot of healing happens in Qatar and the energy of the area is raised. I have read in many books about the cleansing effect of such events and felt within myself a memory (INTENTION) of truth. In addition, from my point of view, it is positive that these truths are now coming to light, since they were already there anyway and are now finally becoming visible in order to then be able to bring about change. 

After my text she was very grateful and happy. She was able to let go of some of the judgment that ultimately poisoned her mostly herself and feel softer and more loving. This ultimately contributes a little to their and the planet’s health.

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