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Do you know that?
Are you stressed after a very eventful day and need relaxation?
Or are you doing energy work and need something to cleanse and protect your aura?

What could be nicer than a bath in rock crystals – the number 1 master healing stone?
Or you need a little love and warmth – then a rose quartz pillow is perfect for you.
Or you need a boost of self-confidence and uncovering inner issues – then you can gently place your pyrite pillow on yourself.

This no longer has to be just a dream for you. We have now created this possibility with LUMINOSA. It’s a unique range of products – we are the first to make such pillows from 200g of pure crystal powder :)! And all handmade with love!🙂

The idea for LUMINOSA (Spanish: “Bright, shining”) came to me because I have been working as a human design reader, medium, energy healer, system configurator and regression therapist for several years. My human design is a mental projector – I am very sensitive🙂

The crystal cushions have released and cleansed many blockages in me and support me in my everyday life to stay in balance. They help me to regenerate and protect my body and my aura. For me? – Never again without it🙂

You can use LUMINOSA pillows for:
– Calm yoga positions (e.g. Yin yoga or Shavasana)
– For sleeping (under the back, under the pillow, on the stomach, etc.)
– For relaxing tense parts of the body
– For meditation
– To support rest phases after massages & physiotherapy
– For chakra & energy work
– Also suitable for animals & children under supervision
– For your health food store, yoga supplement sales, etc.
– and whatever else comes to mind🙂

My husband Sascha, a relaxation and body therapist, and my dear mother-in-law Heike help me with the production. Our two cats Mogli & Baghira, along with some horses, are our constant animal lovers of the LUMINOSA cushions – and they love it🙂

PRICE p. Each: €30, subject to negotiation for larger quantities

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