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Categorized for individuals, couples, groups, families and companies.

These are the methods I work with

For individuals


  • Body and energy therapy

  • Miscellaneous Personality analyzes (e.g. human design, numerology)

  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

  • Family constellations

  • Accompaniment during (sudden) kundalina awakening

  • Meditation and trance healing

  • Mental training

  • Human Design and Astrocartography Readings

Energy work

  • Aura therapy


  • Emotion code according to Bradley Nelson

  • Reiki massages

  • Trance journeys to dissolve original blockages

  • Various energy initiations (catalog on request)

  • Individual, group and energy constellations

  • Media work

For couples, groups & families

  • Constellation work

  • Relationship & communication training

  • Energetic blockage resolution (e.g. karmic issues)

  • Workshops in the area of energy therapy & self-discovery

  • Holistic couple coaching

  • Holistic couple analyzes for better mutual understanding (numerology, human design, astrology, astrocartography, etc.)

  • Mediation

For entrepreneurs


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