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Transformations I went through

Everywhere I go, the veils of illusion fall. It’s as if since a near-death experience in 2018, my system has been vibrating everything I get close to. What was hidden can no longer remain hidden: it practically reveals itself. Everything begins to shake to free itself from what is blocking, not truthful or wants to be transformed. What remains at the end is the pure essence. Anything that isn’t real falls away. 

Since 2018, I have been helping other people to recognize their own highest potential and to develop it authentically and confidently, as well as to transform their own shadow issues. Old traumas and inexplicable physical symptoms often play a role. People come to me who have the desire and inner knowledge for MORE: MORE of themselves and of life. They have realized that fulfillment does not exist on the outside until we are fulfilled on the inside  and take responsibility for ourselves. It is no longer so important to them to represent something that others like. You want to find FULFILLMENT. But how? That is the big question that my work revolves around.

I myself have gone through a long journey from depressed, suicidal, codependent and alcoholic leader to embodying my very own essence, including a calling, dream partner, family of my own and holistic health on all levels. I once walked through my dark basement and found the light within me. I dedicate my entire life to this path. Today I know a recipe with which I can make the world piece by piece, like Pippi Longstocking. I would like to pass on this gift to those who are ready to explore and free the depths of their soul. Do you want to unpack it?

I believe in each of us there is a desire to be recognized, loved and paid for what really fulfills him/her and what he/she truly stands for. Through countless bad experiences, limiting belief patterns, energetic structures and destructive conditioning, many have strayed from their true essence. My greatest ability is to uncover and make visible unconscious and hidden dynamics and thereby stimulate change and provide clarity and structure. If you have the desire to appear more truthful in your private life or company, to find your natural order again and to clearly recognize your personality and stand by it, then you have come to the right place. My heart beats for supporting people and companies to their full potential. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others transform. Transforming from doubt to conviction, from limitation to potential, from chaos to clarity, from facade to authenticity, from impossible to tangible, from invisible to visible, from hopeless to shining eyes and from unbelievable to invincible.



– 2012-2015 Studies: Bachelor of Arts: Media and Creative Industries Management ( accadis University Bad Homburg )

– 2019: One-year yoga teacher training at  Yoga Vidya eV in Aschaffenburg

– October – December 2020: Training to become a certified aura therapist according to  Heiko Wenig

– October 2020 – September 2021: Training to become a certified llama and aplaka therapist at the  Orenda Ranch Institute for Animal-Assisted Therapy

– October 2021 – May 2022: Training to become a public speaker at  Tobias Beck  ’s  Public Speaking Academy

– October 2022: Official examination to become a naturopath for psychotherapy


– 2015-2017: Team leader at  Decathlon Wallau

– 2017-2018: Deputy Branch Manager at  Decathlon Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

– Nov. 2018 – Dec. 2022: freelance project manager marketing and PR for the Meister Group ( Meister Flussstechnik GmbH ,  Meister Automation GmbH )

– November 2018 – now: Founding my sole proprietorship


– March 2019: Initiation into the first Reiki degree according to Mikao Usui

– 2019-2021: Initiation into  20 special energy systems  to stimulate self-healing in a wide variety of areas

– August 2019: Participation in NLP Practicioner by Chris Mulzer (longest on the market in Germany),  kikidan GmbH 

– August 2019 – today: Practical Human Design training

– November 2020: Participation in the “Shadow Integration Seminar – Systemic Constellation Work” with  Jeanette Odine Wombacher

– January 2021: Participation in  Tobias Beck’s Masterclass of Personality 

– February 8th to March 9th, 2021: 31-day challenge “Speak and Inspire”  by  Lisa Nichols  online on  Mindvalley 

– February 2021 – July 2021: Participation in the 6-month AWAKA mentoring program by  Kevin Godawski  and  Simon Lechner

– March 2021:  “Money EQ” program  with  Ken Honda

– April 2021: Initiation into the second Reiki degree according to Mikao Usui

– April 2021: Reconnective Healing®  “THE PORTAL” course  with  Dr. Eric Pearl

– August 2021: second participation in the NLP Practicioner by Chris Mulzer, kikidan GmbH

– October 2021: Participation in the  “UNSTOPPABLE Me” seminar  with  Christian Gärtner

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