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Do you feel the call within you to lead other people to their personal success? Yes, are you already a coach, consultant, therapist or something similar? Then you will LOVE Human Design because it gives you an unparalleled, powerful tool to guide each of your clients into their superpower. You have a clear picture of who you have in front of you and how you can support that person, rather than solely based on your experiences or learned strategies. Together with your own unique potential, this 1:1 training tailored to you is your quantum leap that will make you a master in your field and therefore have a unique selling point. Instead of presenting a path for everyone, like so many coaches, consultants and the like,

The only 1:1 human design training in the world

For you as a coach, therapist, teacher, consultant or recruiter

Human design is on the rise worldwide. It is increasingly finding its way into large companies, private households and to coaches, therapists, teachers and recruiters of all kinds. Through my own journey as a 1/3 mental projector and human design coach, I am able to experience what it means to live your own rhythm and how different each individual’s needs are.

That’s why I decided to offer the Human Design training 1:1: A Human Design training specifically for therapists, coaches, teachers, recruiters, alternative practitioners and educators, the content, rhythm and price of which are determined entirely by you and your specific customers and needs become. 

These are your advantages:

  • 1:1 training online via Zoom or offline directly in Kleinostheim, Aschaffenburg – it’s all about you and your customers
  • You can ask me all your questions directly
  • You will learn exactly the right components of human design for your business in a single training course
  • You will receive documents tailored specifically to you and your business
  • You can complete the learning sessions at your own pace – I won’t give you a fixed time frame (unless you want it)
  • You will be holistically accompanied by a clairvoyant mental projector and will get to know and live yourself and your personal human design as well as your soul essence in depth
  • You decide the price!
  • You just have a lot of fun and knowledge

Through the training...

  • You can accompany your customers to your solution and success in a much more specific way
  • Do you know directly which person you have in front of you?
  • Can you understand your counterpart holistically on a mental, emotional, energetic and physical level 
  • Do you have a solid and very precise basis for an anamnesis/profiling or similar?
  • Do you have a clear advantage that sets you apart from your competitors?
  • Do you know directly what needs, weak points and hidden potential your counterpart has
  • Do you have a direct strategy approach to accompany people?
  • You save yourself a lot of time and avoid failures
  • Your customers feel seen by you and this increases satisfaction and loyalty

If you would like to find out more, please contact me for a non-binding exchange

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